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We Supply Customised Labels and Stickers

to Private Label companies and phantom brands


What are Private Labels?

Private Labels for Bottles

Private labelled products are brands owned not by a manufacturer or producer but by a retailer or supplier who gets its goods made by a contract manufacturer under its own label. Also called private brand or phantom brand.

For private labelling and packaging firms we understand there is a need for economical, small quantities of labels, produced in multiple varieties for multiple customers. We specialise in small to medium print runs and are capable of producing multiple high quality labels at an affordable price.

Ensuring that the private label product is best represented through its labelling is essential when promoting and maintaining brand image while ensuring the labels cover particular industry standards.

Many elements need to be considered when designing private labels and we can advise you on what you will need to include.  We can provide a custom label design service to customers who do not already have professional artwork or for those who are looking for a change or re-brand.  You may only have a mental image of the design or concept you are looking for and we can work with you to produce a label that represents your vision.

We have produced private labels for a variety of products including:

  • Wine & Spirit Labels
  • Chocolate Labels
  • Food Labels
  • Drink Labels
  • Hair Product Labels
  • Grooming Labels
  • Candle Labels
  • Vitamin Labels
  • Health Product Labels
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • Labels for Gadgets

Printing Processes

We have access to a range of print processes including embossed, digital, hot foil, flexographic and letterpress:

Private Labels for Gifts
  • Printing can be one colour to full colour
  • Your labels can be foil blocked
  • The labels can be varnished or laminated with a gloss or matt finish
  • For the environmentally conscious we can print
  • We offer one or two Spot UV varnish options
  • You can choose to have screen printing for example, tactile triangles
  • You can order 100's of labels to many thousands
  • You can request a press proof
  • The base material can be paper or synthetic such as polyester
  • The adhesive can be permanent, peel-able or freezer-proof
  • If required, your labels can be prepared for overprinting

Why Use inkREADible for your Private Labelling requirements?

If you are looking for private branded labels, then we are on hand to help and advise. We have over 30 years experience printing customised labels and stickers to a wide range of industries and can discuss your individual requirements to ensure we find the most suitable private labels for you, keeping cost and value for money in mind to ensure you receive private labels that meet your needs and budget.

Choose inkREADible for Your Private Label printing and design needs

Customised Label Printing Service

At inkREADible we provide a number of generic and bespoke private label products. If you require customised private labels, we have a selection of template sizes which will fit your style and requirements, simply pick from our variety and we can help to make your label as effective as possible. Our labels are of the highest quality, meaning they are also long lasting and have a strong sticker. 

Having worked with a number of businesses, we have a wealth of experience and understand our customers’ requirements and how to meet their needs. Our knowledgeable specialists will provide labels which work with clients’ budgets and time constraints. No matter your requirements, our team will endeavour to find a solution and strive to create something economical

For all your private labels, look no further, the professional team at inkREADible have you covered. With a range of customer label printing and design services available, our team can meet all your needs. What’s more, when you choose our private label printer, we’ll exceed your requirements and more! Simply give our friendly team a call to see how we can help.