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We Supply Customised Screen printed Labels

such as tactile triangles for chemical labels and vape labels


Perhaps you are looking to enhance the look of your products and add real value to your customised printed labels. Screen printing can give that additional 'lift' to the look of your labels that will make your product stand out or add warning such as tactile triangles for chemical products and vape labels.

Not only can we offer you one, but our printing method enables two, separate spot varnishes and additional textured or relief varnish through the print screen module. This really will make your labels stand out from the crowd!


What is screen printing?

Digicon Series 3 Screen Printer

The screen printing technique dates back 2,000 years when the Chinese used human hair stretched across a wooden frame to form a screen. They then attached a stencil made from leaves, stuck together in different shapes. The Japanese then took this process further using woven silk to make the mesh and lacquers to make stencils. 

The basic technique remains the same but these days we have innovative screen printing equipment that produces these very eye catching effects. 


What is Spot UV Printing

Spot UV Printed Labels

Spot UV printing is a very popular printing method which gives a high impact, affordable and versatile effect. Technically, Spot UV is not a printing technique, it is a coating method for printed materials such as labels.

Spot UV can be utilised when you want to give your labels a more distinctive embellishment by enhancing certain areas, letters or words, providing an added shine. The 'spot' means to have the ability to apply this technique to only parts of the label, where desired, to provide an eye catching, decorative effect which deepens the colour of the areas it is applied to.

Many printers only have the equipment to provide you with one Spot UV varnish finish, we are able to offer you two Spot UV varnish finishes providing your labels with even more options and depth in colours.


Tactile Triangles

Having the ability to offer screen printing processes mean we can print your labels with tactile triangles, this is important for chemical products and vape labels.

The equilateral triangle that forms the tactile triangle is created using a special process to ensure they are the correct dimensions, in accordance with ENISO 11683. The tactile triangle is essential in warning the visually impaired about toxic, corrosive, harmful and flammable products.

If you supply products which are labelled 'toxic', 'very toxic', 'harmful', 'highly flammable' or 'extremely flammable' then your labels, by law, need a tactile triangle. This also applies to some aerosols and e-cigarette products.


Why Use inkREADible for your Screen Printing label requirements?

If you are looking for screen printed labels, labels with Spot UV or tactile triangle labels, then we are on hand to help and advise. We have over 30 years experience printing customised labels and stickers to a wide range of industries and can discuss your individual requirements to ensure we find the most suitable screen printed labels for you, keeping cost and value for money in mind to ensure you receive specialist labels that meet your needs and budget.

Choose inkREADible for Your Customised Screen printed label and design needs

Customised Label Printing Service

At inkREADible we provide a number of generic and bespoke label products. If you require customised labels, we have a selection of template sizes which will fit your style and requirements, simply pick from our variety and we can help to make your label as effective as possible. Our screen printed and tactile triangle labels are of the highest quality.

Having worked with a number of businesses, we have a wealth of experience and understand our customers’ requirements and how to meet their needs. Our knowledgeable specialists will provide labels which work with clients’ budgets and time constraints. No matter your requirements, our team will endeavour to find a solution and strive to create something economical

For all your labels, look no further, the professional team at inkREADible have you covered. With a range of customer label printing and design services available, our team can meet all your needs. What’s more, when you choose our label printer, we’ll exceed your requirements and more! Simply give our friendly team a call to see how we can help.