Labels for Health & Nutritional Products

The correct labelling of health and nutritional products is of paramount importance as is ensuring the design of your labels are eye catching, exudes quality and gives shelf appeal as an essential part of your product promotion.

We have printed and supplied customised labels to the health and nutrition industry since 1980 and understand the importance of making your product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Whether you need labels or stickers, permanent, peelable or freezer-proof we can help and guide you taking in various factors such as your design, budget, quantity and type of use to supply you with a bespoke, customised labels perfect for your produce.


Health Product & nutritional product Labelling

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The health and nutrition product industry is booming and customers can often be overwhelmed by the wide range of choices. Your health product label needs to stand out from the crowd when the consumer makes their purchasing decision.

We have produced and supplied a range of health labels for many customers over the years. With our knowledge and expertise we can help make the process of arranging for the perfect custom labels much smoother. We are a label printing company who can provide bespoke designed labels specific to your needs, whether you require permanent or removable adhesives for your health labels.

Ensuring your printed labels advertise that your health product satisfies FDA Guidelines for quality and safety is essential. This can be a complex process. To find out more about how you should comply with health product label regulations, click here.


Why Health and nutrition labels are important

Packaging labels for your health products is vital to making your product stand out, especially when it will be in a crowded market place. It’s important to consider a number of factors when choosing your health labels, to make sure you have the right product for your requirements.  

Health and nutrition label design

Selecting the style of your health label design is a vital process, first you should consider where the product is going to be sold, for example a shop or independent retailer. Think about the audience you want your product to appeal to so you can focus your packaging label around that and make sure that your product gets picked. 

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Custom label printing

At inkREADible we provide a number of bespoke label products to ensure that your product is at its best, this includes, permanent, peel-able and freezer-proof labels, our team provide only the highest standard of label design and print services. At inkREADible our priority is to ensure you receive a product and service which not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We have a selection of template sizes which will fit your style and requirements, simply pick from our variety and we can help to make your health or nutrition label as effective as possible. Our labels are of the highest quality, meaning they are also long lasting and have a strong sticker. 

We understand that different brands will offer different types of health and nutrition products which is why there are no limits when it comes to our sticker design. 

Our health label services include…

  • -  Vibrant colours and designs
  • -  Waterproof and fridge and freezer ready
  • -  Food legislation compliant
  • -  Large print runs for multiple labels
  • -  Hygienic labels
  • Biodegradable and compostable labels

Nutritional information

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more important to include the nutritional information on health food and drinks labels, part of this comes under Government requirements. At inkREADible, our team of professionals can make sure this essential knowledge is included on your health labels.

Promotional Offer Label

Promotional and price mark down labels

Should your health product or nutrition product be reduced or on special offer, we can also provide the labels for this. Discounting and offering products in bulk buys is a great way to increase your sales, so make sure you choose inkREADible for all your promotional health labels.

Our professional printers understand there is a broad range of label requirements, some which can be generic where as some will need to be bespoke labels. 


Compliant food labels

In recent times advertising has been covered in the scope of Food Information Regulations under fair information practices. So now UK legislation states that food information, advertising and product presentation can’t be misleading to consumers and should always be clear, accurate and easy to understand. 

The Food Labelling Service can help by analysing your advertising material, reporting on key issues and problems and offering viable solutions in a professional manners. Assessing your design quickly and efficiently will ensure any obvious errors are removed and that UK regulations are met sufficiently.

Click here to read more about what Food Labelling Services can provide.


for all of your food and drink label and design needs

Since 1980, inkREADible have been advising many clients in many different industries on their labelling requirements. Having worked with a number of businesses, we have a wealth of experience and understand our customers’ requirements and how to meet their needs. Our knowledgeable specialists will provide labels which work with clients’ budgets and time constraints. No matter your requirements, our team will endeavour to find a solution and strive to create something economical. 

For all your health labels and nutrition labels, look no further, the professional team at inkREADible have you covered. With a range of customer label printing and design services available, our team can meet all your needs. What’s more, when you choose our label printer, we’ll exceed your requirements and more! Simply give our friendly team a call to see how we can help.

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