Hospital Label Printer

At inkREADible, we have a wealth of experience in the area, for years we’ve been providing custom labels to hospitals, laboratories and the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries including the NHS and private health care providers, so with our team of experts, you can trust that you’re in the right hands. For more information on our label design and print, simply call our team today.

In today’s fast-paced medical and hospital environments, doctors, nurses and medical assistants are constantly multi-tasking as well as having a number of different patients to see for examinations, meetings, treatments and administering medicine. Medical stickers and hospital labels are required to support various medical conditions, specify prescriptions and keep medical and billing files neatly organised and accessible. 


Quality hospital label printing and design

When it comes to medical labels, our team provide only the highest standard of label design and print services. At inkREADible our priority is to ensure you receive a product and service which not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Our hospital stickers and laboratory labels can help with a number of medical tasks including diagnostic imaging, directive and informational labels and healthcare labels which are designed for different functions and applications. We can also provide labels to help keep medical files organised and easily accessible, as well as patient advisory and warning medical labels for physicians and nurses. Labels can also identify different warnings such as special conditions, allergies, chemical hazards, record confidentiality or required signatures. So ensure clear communication and prevent any potentially life threatening mistakes, use precise and easy to read medical labels!

Even with the amount of information that’s available through EMRs, medical staff must still ensure that the medication they’re administering is the right one, so when items show data clearly printed on a hospital label, it’s much easier to ensure patients are protected. This also goes for doctors and nurses checking that patients don’t have allergies to particular drugs.

Our professional printers understand there is a broad range of label requirements, some which can be generic where as some will need to be custom labels. Our products include:

  • Hazardous waste labels

  • Drug name labels

  • Chemotherapy labels

  • Equipment labels

  • Warning labels

  • High alert labels

  • Infection control labels

From permanent to waterproof labels, to medicine stickers, peel-able and tamper-proof labels, our team can help. Should you require custom labels with a bespoke message, we can also provide these.

Custom label print and design

At inkREADible we cater to all customers’ needs, should you not be able to find the label design you’re looking for, look no further, we can help! Our design and print team can accommodate a number of custom stickers including different styles, colours and materials, to ensure you receive exactly what you require. 

Our design service means that your hospital and medical labels can include whatever you like, from warning messages to informative stickers to name and address labels, anything is possible with inkREADible. 

Medical label printing

When it comes to the hospital environment, we understand the important and necessity of cleanliness, having sterile areas is essential due to the nature of the area. At inkREADible we can provide a number of syringe labels and anything else you may require. 

From asset labels, test labels, instruction labels and hazard labels, all our products aim to ensure that your medical and health care environment is as safe as possible.

How to order your hospital, pharmaceutical and medical labels…

We aim to offer only the most efficient label printer services as possible, the process is quick and simple, take a look at our step-by-step guide to help…

  1. Confirm the label type and quantity.

  2. Should you require customised label print, simply send over a list and details of what you would like to include in your product.

  3. We will then provide you with quote.

  4. We will then begin producing your product and will provide a printing proof for your approval.

  5. Once approved we will start printing your labels.

Organising and ordering your own hospital labels is a much more efficient and effective way as it will help you save time and money.


for all of your hospital label requirements

At inkREADible we’ll design labels for whatever your medical organisation needs, from prescription labels to medical device labels, we can help. We’ll also ensure that the accurate data and information is printed at the right price and that companies keep themselves compliant to regulations and their clients satisfied.

Our experts have been supplying customised printed and print labels to clients across the UK since 1980. With a wealth of experience and expertise in understanding the requirements of our customers, we have the ability to translate requirements into high quality labels to support your products and services. What’s more we have a dedicated team who aren’t just creative and innovative, but also have the knowledge to advise and deliver quality work which meets customers’ needs.

So for all your hospital and medical stickers and labels, look no further, inkREADible have you covered. From a range of customer label printing and design, should you be looking to print labels, our team can meet all your needs. What’s more is, when you choose our label printer, we’ll exceed your requirements and more! Simply give our friendly team a call to see how we can help.

We can also provide a free sample pack to help you select the right product type for you, for more information click here


Storage of Your Hospital or Laboratory Labels

Hospital Laboratory Label Dispenser Box

If you want to make sure your hospital or laboratory stickers are kept safely, you may want to consider storing them in label dispenser boxes. Label dispenser boxes allow for easy storage of your hospital and laboratory labels and provide the following benefits:

  • Labels are packed in an easy to handle dispenser box

  • Neatly stackable for numerous label types

  • Easy to move around

  • The dispenser box helps keep the labels clean

These label dispenser boxes are ideal for use in an office, hospital, laboratory, home, kitchen, garage, warehouse or stockroom. Contact us if you would like to know more about the availability and size of label dispenser boxes.